Understand the risks of HIV through Partnership To End AIDS

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6073 Mount Moriah
Memphis, TN 38106

Our Story

The mission of Partnership to End AIDS Status (PEAS Inc.), a nonprofit public charitable organization, is to maximize the effectiveness of service resources to ensure physical, mental, and social equality for all persons residing in the Memphis Transitional Grant Area (TGA) by providing residents with preventative tools to make healthier decisions. Memphis TGA’s counties include Fayette, Shelby and/or Tipton counties in Tennessee or DeSoto, Tate, Tunica, and/or Marshall Counties in Mississippi and/or Crittenden County in Arkansas.

PEAS Inc. offers a variety of interdisciplinary programs that target persons who experience health disparities, such as men who have sex with men, African American women of childbearing age, individuals of transgender experience, and other persons impacted by various chronic illnesses. PEAS Inc. utilizes programming that is designed to affect behavior changes specifically in communities of color of any age, gender, and who have experienced any form of trauma or who may participate in high risk behavior or who represent the affected HIV community.

PEAS Inc has an interdisciplinary, trained certified staff. The staff proposes to the following HIV/AIDS Prevention interventions:

PrEP and Prevention
SISTA – Targeting African American Women of Childbearing Age
TWISTA – Targeting Transgender Males-to-Female Community Members
HepConnect educating African American individuals about drug and needle use
COMPASS Initiative
ANEA (Act Now: End AIDS)
Syringe Supply/Exchange Program

More About PEAS

Attributes: Women Leadership • Minority Leadership

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